Wednesday, December 02, 2020 


Audio Broadcasts
Commission hearings are open to the public but for a variety of reasons it is not always convenient for the public to be present at the Commission’s hearing room.

To facilitate public access to Commission proceedings, especially those concerning matters that have significant public interest, the audio portion of some hearings are available through the Internet.

Hearing Room Audio Broadcast There are no hearings being broadcast at this time.
For dates and times of upcoming hearings click here.

Please Note:

  • To access Commission audio broadcasts click on the above link. If there is no link, a hearing is not currently in progress.
  • The audio broadcast is a direct feed of the proceedings in the hearing room therefore there may be times when a broadcast hearing is adjourned as part of the normal breaks and you will not be able to hear anything when connected. Audio will resume when the hearing resumes.
  • Not all Commission hearings are broadcast therefore a scheduled hearing may not be available on the internet. Hearings for which an audio broadcast is available will be indicated on the Commission's upcoming hearings page here.
  • The hearings are broadcast using a flash player plugin. Please ensure you have one properly installed in order to be able to listen to the proceedings.

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